How to Build a Fence Without Ending Up in a Feud With Your Neighbors

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By Julie Ryan Evans | Oct 4, 2016 Timothy Masters/iStock Good fences make good neighbors, but how do you make a good fence, exactly? After all, it’s not just a question of marking the division between two pieces of property. Do you and your neighbor both have a say on the height, style, and color—and should you split the costs evenly? If you’re facing any of these …


6 Shocking Money Pits Hiding in Your Home

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By Liz Alterman | Jun 9, 2017 alexfiodorov/iStock; Oleksii Glushenkov/iStock When people refer to their homes as “money pits,” it generally conjures up stark and terrifying images of a huge chasm in the floor, sucking down dollars (thanks, Tom Hanks). And the reality is that the classic big-ticket home problems, such as a faulty foundation or flooding basement, can indeed sweep through bank accounts like financial tsunamis. But just …