Trick or Treat In Downtown Driggs

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Downtown Driggs was alive with trick or treaters Thursday afternoon in spite of the cool weather. Our Silver Peaks Realty office at 10 N. Main Street was inundated with happy, very well costumed children and adults until nearly 6 o’clock in the evening. It was amazing the creativity of many of the costumes. One of our fellow Driggs realtors even stopped by in a costume that made him nearly unrecognizable, as the ‘devil’, no less. In amongst the costumed crowd were jugglers and one Driggs resident on horseback. Agent Mike McCashland and his son Robby, along with Lora Davis, Silver Peaks Realty Broker,  had the honors of handing out the treats and estimate that between 250 and 300 costumed revelers visited our office in that four hour period. This was our first Halloween since moving into our new office and our first experience with Halloween in downtown Driggs. It was a blast!

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